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Theatre for the New Generation

Issue-Oriented Plays for Teens, Parents and Educators

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Theatre for a New Generation, established in 2001, is a once a year performance series that speaks to the needs of teenaged audiences who have begun to encounter the challenges and complexities of life. The plays are issue-oriented. They stimulate thought and constructive discussion. Within the vivid framework of a stage drama, they allow teenaged audiences a place to examine the contemporary or historic issues that affect their lives.  Play topics have included current issues, events or on-going social elements, questions.  Each play includes a post performance Stage Talk with Professionals in the field, Educators, and members of the Cast and Crew where questions can be asked and comments shared. Over the years we have explored many relevant issues such as, racism, bullying, cheating, self destructive behavior (cutting), eating disorders, the holocaust, alcoholism. Some more recent titles have been:

  • Give A Boy A Gun, an examination of the conditions in the school culture that may help to create the circumstances for a school takeover (ala Columbine).
  • Do it Right, where teen pregnancy is explored thru the eyes of youth and adults,
  • Eat, It’s not about Food, examines the disease of eating disorders in boys and girls.
  • The Giver, Lois Lowry’s Newbery Award Winning Novel about a dystopian society.

Each play is presented for a limited number of performances over a single weekend. The content is typically similar to PG-rated or PG-13-rated films with occasional use of vulgar or profane language. There is no nudity. Violent scenes, disturbing behavior reflective of the teen experience, including bullying, identity issues, and self-destructive behavior, and frank discussions of issues such as sex, and alcohol or drug abuse may take place. The plays may portray teenagers struggling with these issues or engaging in harmful or self-destructive behavior.  The technical staff for each production is drawn from the Playhouse Youth Conservatory .

The response to previous productions, on the part of teenagers and their parents, has been overwhelmingly positive. However, The Laguna Playhouse appreciates parental concern and therefore provides a clear understanding of potentially distributing content in advance through its promotional materials, on our website and at point of purchase. Written parental permission is additionally required for all young people participating in TNG plays as cast or crew.

TNG plays may be frank in content and language. Parental discretion is advised.