Treasure Island


Winner! 2009 AATE Distinguished Play Award, Best Adaptation

Join us aboard the Hispaniola for a heart-pounding voyage filled with tales of swashbuckling gentlemen o’ fortune, a malicious mutiny led by infamous Long John Silver, and a deadly quest for fabled buried booty. Based on the masterful adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, cabin boy Jim Hawkins must find uncommon courage as he faces a murderous plot and navigates the ambiguous tides of morality.
"Five Stars! Yo-ho-ho! A Festive Treat to Treasure. Hit Ahoy! X marks the spot of a bona fide festive treat! Treasure Island is the answer to every adventure-starved child's prayers: a racy, pacy, tough-as-old-boots adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's swashbuckling classic! " -The Telegraph