Mental Health Awareness Month kicks off at Laguna Playhouse!  


To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, LAGUNA PLAYHOUSE EDUCATION & OUTREACH is hosting a variety of feel-good events to improve your joy, health, wellbeing, confidence and creativity. 

From make-up challenges with Drag Queens to playwriting classes where you explore your inner monologue – join us for this month of free events that give you a chance to PLAY!! 

JOIN US IN THE PLAYPEN – to play, to connect, to find resilience and to discover your story! 


Drag Night
May 7 & 14, 2021
7 PM - 8 PM

Featuring Cucu Chanel,
Isabella Xochitl, and Electra Young

In the PLAYPEN, our incomparable QUEENS: Cucu Chanel, Isabella Xochitl, Electra Young dish the dirt and share their makeup secrets on how to be your best YOU! Then, engage in a makeup challenge to complete. The ultimate beauty showdown ensues as each participant creates personalized looks to fit the challenge's theme.   


  • Confidence and self-acceptance  
  • Experience the "Lipstick Effect" 
    • According to Harvard Medical School and the United States University of Chieti in Italy,  the “lipstick effect” is a psychological phenomenon known in which wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost by making them feel more physically attractive, increasing feelings of self-esteem, attitude, and personality.
    • Ability to be courageous and vulnerable  
  • Enjoy some time relaxing and beautifying 

Friday May 7th ft. Cucu Chanel, Isabella Xochitl, Electra Young  
Register Today (advanced registration required)

Friday May 14th ft. Cucu Chanel  
Register Today (advanced registration required)

  • Materials Needed: 
    • Eyeshadow palette/shades of your choice (preferably colorful!)
    • A few makeup brushes to apply/blend eyeshadow
    • Optional: Mascara, false eyelashes, eye-safe glitter, any additional extra fun you see fit!  

Improv Night
May 21 & 28, 2021
5 PM - 6:30 PM


Join improvisors - Diana Brown, Erin Sawyer & A MYSTERY GUEST for this 60-minute session of intensive fun exploration into body, mind and feelings, with an emphasis on how we can all play together.  Grab a glass of your choosing and engage with other young adults in improvisational theatre games that foster, joy, connection and comfort with the unknown.


  • Confidence and self-acceptance  
  • Ability to focus and concentrate  
  • Ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances  
  • Ability to be courageous and vulnerable  
  • Awareness of one’s strengths and areas of opportunities to develop  
  • Sense of fun  

Friday May 21st  Register Today (advanced registration required)
Friday May 28th Register Today (advanced registration required)


*Online event requirement (Zoom Meetings): You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera (built-in or plug-in), speakers, microphone (or telephone), and a broadband internet connection (1 mbs/sec or greater). These events will be recorded.