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On August 6, 2020, we hosted a special panel discussion about stigma faced by the LGBTQIA community, mental health resources and online resources for TAY youth who are discovering/exploring their identity. This panel focused on mental health resources available for LGBTQIA youth in Orange County.  

CLEO OUBRE (pronouns: they/them/she/her) is a Behavioral Health Counselor at APAIT in Garden Grove, Orange County. Cleo is the lead clinician in the Outreach & Engagement (O&E) program at APAIT. O&E provides free mental health services, case management, referrals, workshops, and trainings. Cleo provides short-term individual psychotherapy sessions for clients ages 13 and up, and specifically for LGBTQIA+ individuals. As a black transgender therapist, Cleo understands the importance of addressing mental health and intersecting marginalized identities within therapy.  

ZI TERRENCE-SMITH (pronouns: they/them) is a passionate, life-long advocate for racial and gender equity. Zi currently works as a Site Director for the Sadie Nash Leadership Project in Brooklyn, NY, where they help equip Black and POC high school aged girls and gender-nonconforming folks with tools to become agents of social change in our world. Outside of work, you can find Zi exploring Brooklyn, playing bass guitar, or watching Westworld. 

TOBIAS P. VASQUEZ (pronouns: they/them/he/him) was born and raised in North Orange County, mainly in the cities of Anaheim and Fullerton. Their upbringing reflects the struggles of the immigrant, working-class, Chicanx experience in Southern California. Tobias has interests in mental health, positive psychology, intersectional social justice, and Queer art & culture. They have worked for and volunteered for various non-profits and social justice organizations in the East Bay & Orange County. They are also a social sciences scholar with degrees from Fullerton College and UC Berkeley.


On October 9, 2020, we hosted a second special panel discussion, which discussed LGBTQIA themes in the show. It featured actors from the production, LGBTQIA Youth Leaders and Allies as well as Mental Health Professionals who support this population to create awareness, activism and provide resources for support.  This panel discussed how themes & characters in the play embody real life experiences, the ways that family members & friends have supported individuals who are coming out and panelists reflected on their own personal journeys.  

LINDSEY ETHRIDGE (pronouns: she/hers) is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Kinder Future, which specializes in partnerships with school districts, non-profits and cause-based organizations to address the unique needs of gender and sexual minority/LGBTQ youth and their families. 

DANNIE CESEÑA (pronouns: he/him) is the CA LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network Program Manager. Dannie has worked with non-profits for over 15 years in program development and advocacy. 

KAY BURNHAM is the proud, adoptive stepmother of two LGBTQIA+ daughters, one cis and one trans. Kay has worked in the Live Entertainment industry for more than 30 years, holding degrees in Drama, Marketing, and Business Administration.  

STEFAN FLINTER (pronouns: he/him)is an 18-year-old LGBTQIA+ Youth 

EL COLOVER - Cast Member (Lilith) of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms