Monsieur Chopin will run Mid October 2020. Exact dates to be announced.

Monsieur Chopin tickets will be rolled over into the fall’s performance schedule. As soon as we have more information, we’ll reach out with dates and all pertinent information. No further action is needed at this point. We promise you, we will be in touch.

There is one more thing, these closures have had a significant financial impact on the Playhouse. Your kindness and generosity at this time, if you are able, will insure that we are able to produce an incredible Centennial Season for you once these dark days have passed. I know we all look forward to sitting together, as a community sharing the magic of live theatre.


Monsieur Chopin features the romantic story and music of the Polish pianist-composer Fryderyk Chopin and begins at Chopin’s salon at 9 Square d’Orléans in Paris. Monsieur Chopin will teach a piano lesson that actually took place on 4 March 1848, just days after the February 1848 revolution. As the piano lesson unfolds, he reveals secrets about the art of the piano and composition, as well as secrets about himself. Considered by his contemporaries, and now by history, as the true “Poet of the Piano,” Monsieur Chopin features some of the pianist-composer’s most beautiful and enduring music.

“In his finest moments, Felder carries a rapt audience along on a wave of true, powerful, and wordless passion.”~ Boston Globe

Monsieur Chopin is a passionate and personal theater piece created by one of the few artists who could conceivably perform it. Bravo, indeed.”~ Hartford Courant

“Emotionally charged and glorious.”~ Chicago Sun-Times

“Entertaining and enlightening. Monsieur Chopin reminds us that music can sustain an artist’s soul the way no person or country ever could.” ~ Chicago Daily Herald

Please remember that as postponements of performances and gatherings become more widespread in the wake of COVID-19, the financial impact on artists and presenters around the world is becoming a harsh reality. If you would like to support our mission during this difficult time, please consider donating your ticket(s) as a tax-deductible gift to Laguna Playhouse.