Usher's Home Page


If you are interested in becoming a member of our usher list, please contact Alex Lum at
People who have signed up below and are not part of our authorized usher list will be removed from the sign-up list without notice, and not allowed to join the usher list for one full year. 


Important Reminder: 

  • Please remember to bring a copy of your vaccination each shift.
  • Please Remember the Usher Agreements. 
  • Even and High #s are on the Left, 107 is the Middle, odd and Low #s are on the Right. 

Important News/Updates:

  • For the first and second week of the mainstage shows, audiences are required a negative test or proof of vaccination. For the third week there are no requirements for the audience.
    • (Mainstage shows listed in BLUE)
  • For all special engagement productions, audiences required a negative test or proof of vaccination.
    • (Special Engagements are listed in PURPLE)
  • For all the Youth Theater Shows, only masks are required for the audiences.
    • (Youth Theatre is listed in RED)
  • More information:
  • California's new mask mandate requires everyone to wear a mask indoors from now to Jan. 15th. The only exception is for children 2 years and younger. 
  • Food and Drinks are not allowed in the Lobby or the House. Bottle water for medical reasons is exempt. 

Important Dates

January 26, 2022 - The Spitfire Grill
March 2, 2022 - First Lady of Song
April 20, 2022 - I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
May 25, 2022 - A Chorus Line
June 29, 2022 - Saturday Night Fever
August 3, 2022 - Xanadu
* Schedules open at 3:00pm.